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How it all started...

Baking has been a passion for each of us our entire lives. From baking just for fun or for family at holidays, to baking for potlucks or pulling "all-nighters" for our kids' birthdays, we have always loved coming up with the most delicious and unique creations possible.

After many years of friendship, we recognized our shared love for baking and thanks to the support and encouragement of our family and friends, we officially joined forces and created Swirls and Pearls, LLC.

After countless sticks of butter and bags of powdered sugar, we tried and tested more recipes than we can count, adjusting and improving things here and there to come up with the PERFECT recipes for you. We love our creations, and are confident that you will, too!  We are so excited to be able to provide Cheyenne with delicious cupcakes, made-to-order from scratch, specially for you, and using only the freshest ingredients!


Melissa Bentley & Bethany Willmarth